National Webcast Initiative


Keys to Defending Against Advanced Persistent Threat

Thursday, December 13th
2:00pm -- 3:00pm (Eastern)




Sean Coyne
Technical Director, Security Solutions
Verizon Terremark


Archived Recording Now Available


The last webcast in the 2012 National Webcast series was held on December 13th with a featured presentation on Keys to Defending Against Advanced Persistent Threat.

Over 500 individuals representing 3 countries, 50 states, DC, and 1 U.S. Territories registered for this event. Opening remarks were provided by Mr. Thomas Duffy, Executive Director of the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center, followed by Sean Coyne Technical Directo of Security Solutionsat Verizon Terremark.

In this presentation we examined the nature of State-sponsored cyber espionage. We took a look at its distinctions and how it differs from normal cyber-crime. From there, we discussed the phases involved in a targeted attack, known as the Kill-Chain, and the tactics, techniques and procedures used by these attackers. Most importantly of all we discussed things an organization can do along each link in the Kill-Chain to disrupt the attackers operations and prevent a full exfiltration of the victim organizations targeted data.

Format of Webcast:
This session featured an interactive Powerpoint presentation accompanied by audio.

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