Local Government Cyber and Information Security Policies

City and Borough of Juneau, AK

Telecommunications policy

Maricopa County, AZ:


Orange County, CA

eGovernment Policies

City and County of San Francisco (Department of Technology), CA

Committee on Information Technology (COIT) Policies

Los Angeles County,

Information Technology and Security Policy

Los Angeles County, CA:


San Jose, CA:


Mariposa County, CA:


County of Sacramento, CA

IT Policies

Town of Newington, CT

Information Technology Policies

City of Bridgeport (Enterprise Services), CT

Technology Policy

City of Newark, DE

Use of Information Technology

City of Bradenton, FL:


Collier County, FL

Human Resroucres Adminstrative Practices and Procedures Manual

Palm Beach County, FL

Information Resource Security Program Policies (pdf warning and link is bizarre)

Martin County, FL

Human Resources Policy Manual: 12.11 Communication and Computer System Security and Usage Policy

Hillsborough County, FL

Information Security Standard

City of Orlando , FL

Computer System Security

Pensacola, FL:


City of Tampa, FL

Information Technology Infrastructure Library

Canyon County, ID

Canyon County IT Policy

City of Chicago, IL

Information Security Policy

LaPorte County, IN:


City of Topeka, KS

Information Technology Computer Security Guidelines

City of Boston, MA:


Washtenaw County, MI

Security E-Government Intiatives

City of St. Paul, MN

Human Resources Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

City of Minneapolis, MN

Policy for Eneterprise Information Management

Lewis and Clark County, MT

Information Technology Policies

Town of Cary, NC

Security of Information

Cass County, ND

Personnel Policy Manual: 2.32 Security Procedures

Delaware River Port, NJ

Handbook for Protecting Security Information

City of Albuquerque, NM

Information Technology Policies and Standards

Washoe County, NV

Information Security Policy


Doing Business: IT Security Requirements

Cayuga County, NY

Data Integrityand Security Policy

City of Cleveland, OH:


City of Columbus, OH

Comprehensive Communication Policy and Laptop Policy

City of Montgomery, OH:


City of Salem , OR

Preventing Identity Theft

City of Lake Oswego, OR

Technology Policies and Rules

City of Pittsburgh, PA:


Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, TN

Information Security Management Policies

City of San Antonio, TX

Adminstrative Directives: 7.1-7.9 Information Security Policies

City of Houston, TX

Information Services Standards Manual

Irving, TX:


Chesterfield County, VA

Information Systems Technology

City of Fairfax County, VA:


City of Richmond , VA

Electronic Information Security

Washington - Clallam County, WA

Adminstrative Manual: Use of County technology Resources Including Cell phones, Internet, and Social Media

King County, WA

Enterprise Information Security Policy

Madison, WI:


City of Milwaukee, WI

Internet Use Guidelines