Missing Malaysian Airliner Scams Being Used to Disseminate Malware and Conduct Financial Fraud


Reports are surfacing that websites are hosting videos and images purporting to be of the missing airliner, but the websites are actually hosting malicious software designed to infect the user's computer. Facebook and Google images are also being used as vehicles to spread the hoaxes.

Internet users need to apply a critical eye and be cautious before clicking links or going to websites to view videos and images associated with the news.

Users should adhere to the following guidelines when viewing news associated with the missing airliner:

  • Do not open suspicious emails or attachments, or those coming from untrusted sources; do not click on links contained in such emails or social networking posts, as they may contain malware. Only open attachments from trusted senders.
  • Do not click on links to unknown or untrusted websites and do not go to unfamiliar websites to view information, pictures, or video regarding the event.
  • If the message appears to be a phishing or spam email, do not respond. Delete it. You can forward phishing emails to the Federal Trade Commission at spam@uce.gov. Never reveal personal or financial information in email.

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