Cyber Security Training Videos

The MS-ISAC is pleased to provide this (these) video(s) to increase cyber awareness in your community. Raising awareness is a key step in strengthening your organization’s cyber security readiness. Threats can take many forms not just technical ones. People, employees, often play a significant part in any organization’s protection plan. Whether it's taking the proper action to offset a threat, as taught in the Cyber Security Awareness video, or by educating business managers about their role in protecting information as seen in Cyber Security for Business Managers; the lesson is people can make a difference.

The Cyber Security Awareness video consists of three short vignettes that take place in an office environment. Each scenario is followed by a best practice component.

The Cyber Security for Business Managers is a 101 class for supervisors, program and business managers and officials whose work does not directly involve the technical aspect of securing information. Protecting information is part of their responsibilities and this video will introduce them to an effective approach and basic technology terms to ease their communication with their organization’s Information Security Officer and Information Technology peers. Improved planning and communication are effective mechanisms for preventing disclosures and other cyber security threats.

Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security for Business Managers

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